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About the Company.

Our Motto!

We are fueled by the power of belief in combining meaningfulness, creativity, and professionalism. We let our designs mean something, reflect your identity or vision and always be flawlessly and professionally perfect about it.

We are only your designing consultants and contractors.St.Tropez

Our vision:

"Design details, detail is design”

We, at St. Tropez, have always stayed firm with our “details” concept. It’s not just a catch phrase for us but this is what we base our designs on, by thought, and in action. This statement doesn’t only live in our thought, but we keep reminding ourselves of our vision, and with everything we do, with every decision, we have to take or a small inventory is to be added, we tell ourselves this.
This is our code and we never violate it.

“Designs that live as our paintings”

For us, it’s not just business. We want our designs to leave everlasting imprints on the minds of people. It is our paintings as a painter, our performance as an actor, our vocals and lyrics in a song. We don’t feel proud of our finances but our designs, client’s satisfaction, and flawless execution. Since we want our designs to live as our paintings, we are always concerned about sustainability and sustenance.

Our mission:

“To serve others’ purpose before ours”

We are not here to be selfish. Selfishness is toxic and selflessness is radiant. Sometimes, even at the cost of our unfortunate loss, we would serve our client’s purpose. The one thing we know definitive is that it’s not about us only. This trait that we possess as a firm is a hard-earned constantly reinforced one, but we stay firm by it.

You come first.

“To emerge as top design firm”

Yes, we are artists, one could call us misfits, square pegs in round holes, but as crazy & artistic as we maybe, we do have our own ambitions. We want to rise to the top of the designing firm’s ladder in UAE and then globally. We’d like to take a stroll one day, look around UAE and tag most of the buildings, offices, and houses as our designs.

St.Tropez in Dubai

We know we’ll succeed.

Our values


To us professionalism is integrity. Doing what you say you will. That is a value we don’t compromise on. In our daily small-time affairs within the firm, time-management, delivering in time or anything. There’s no way, we could miss on this one.

Integrity is at the heart of our work.

“Believing in individuality”

It is embedded in our minds that the world is only a perception. We see the world as for how we’ve been conditioned. It’s the lenses that change, which change the world for everyone. What’s amazing is, our personality and identity are based on our perception, our lens, our conditioning and view of the world. To think of it, the earth has 8 billion version, each living most secured in the human being’s mind.

The notion keeps us bound to believing in individuality, in the difference of opinion, in a different view, in respecting your creativity and choice. Rooted from this, is our customized approach in completing projects involving creative cooperation among designer and clients.