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In the name of Great Designs

It’s a misplaced assumption to think that design is all flashy colors, it’s a lot more than that. The design doesn’t only include the appearance of something but also conveys the ideology behind its creation and the outcome of being associated with it. These characteristics are what makes design such an important approach to widen the horizon and make a difference.

Human behavior and design are intimately related with each other. Interior design or landscapes, architecture or interior design, focuses on the outer perception of the surrounding which makes us who we are. It is responsible for well-being, sustainability, and productivity of human behavior. Apparently, the effect of little objects like color, added decorations, and furniture can have a substantial impact on human emotions making a lifestyle content.We Design Great Interiors–St.Tropez

Interior Designing

As a designer, it’s always a challenge, given the multiplicity and open-mindedness of the task. Every person is different and so is the choice, preference, and taste regarding the appearance of their workplace or home. We are supposed to be exceptionally well in understanding people, coping with the different requirement, and being able to work according to the client. It may even be that as a designer, we would be wanting a very innovative setup and want to try the best of colors but you, our client, want rather a simpler set-up, and it is in these times that we mold our choice according to yours and work cooperatively. However the approach, the idea will always be an improvement of the given space with the help of available materials and adding to the beauty of the general atmosphere.

It is right to state that interior designing is a very difficult task for it requires understanding, fore-seeing, effective strategizing, decorating with given material and such. What’s more, designers work hard to grip on a finer sense of aesthetics. Innovation and personal flavor are the most important constituents and strictly never, the logic, for it can ruin designs sometimes. It’s always a play between gut feeling and a developed sense of aesthetics. Another great challenge for an interior designer is to make narrower spaces wider, and always have a sense of making halls or rooms appear more spacious.Design Great Interiors–St.Tropez

Landscape Architecture

This was our role as an interior design firm but there’s another great function we offer, landscape architecture. An effective landscape architect has a lot of dimensions of work to think about during the planning phase, starting with decorative purpose, the functionality, the right amount of green, a sustainable, higher or lower maintenance requiring, depending on the client, backyard.

What it all ends up to, is we, at St. Tropez, could be a great collaboration in beautifying your workplace or home. Through a mix of both, interior designing and landscape architecture, you could make your home, “the dream home” or even like a roman villa and your office the perfect dream workplace for your employees.