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St. Tropez is offering the following services as of now

Interior Design Consultants and Contractors


The fact that our surroundings shape our mindset and mood is a fact that has been researched well. If we want our colleagues to feel better, healthier, creative and productive, we have to invest in them. A traditional method has been training. Well, there’s another method that we would like to weigh you in on, its colors, light intensity and design. These apparently little details make up or turn down our mood and thence productivity.
It is essential in the exponential times of today that we stay ahead and give our associates the kind of environment that’s supportive and productive.
St. Tropez’s version of design doesn’t only provide an environment that doubles productivity but we are also determined to make your office reflect your vision and identity.


We encourage people to choose comfort over show-off, authenticity against status-symbol. Our designers work hard in trying to understand the families we work with. Our approach for designing is inside out, we don't have pre-made catalogs to have you choose from, instead, our designs are customized to each individual in the family, which not only reflects their identity to everyone who visits but also uplifts their mood.Interior Designing to Landscape architecture

We never repeat our designs.

Landscape architects and contractors


Your home is the focal point of your family life and each moment has to be cherished, for you are creating memories and experiences that will last a lifetime. Dreaming about a comfortable outdoor space that everyone will enjoy using is the best dream one can have. Ever imagine arriving home and seeing a beautiful landscape planting? Wow, the very imagination is breath-taking-ly beautiful and must be executed well. The cozy and welcoming feel provided by this in-house facility places your home on the list of favourite point of disembarkation people look forward to going to, including yourself.

You should be happy if you are opting for a setup such because not everyone has the ability to imagine, visualize, conceptualize and bring to the surface what’s an innate desire of humans; being close to nature.



St. Tropez is a great choice for you if you’re going for a landscape at your place. We are a partner with one of the best online flower shop in Dubai My Flowers. With the help of our sister company, we can decorate gardens and lawns with a variety of beautiful flowers and plants. Also, we will send a person monthly for the maintenance of the fields. So enjoy natural beauty with an elegant style. Just place your order and you will get your required floral arrangement within few minutes. Here are some of our Infinity roses below: 

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Untethering from technology time and again and having a breath of fresh air in between tasks, over mini healthy breaks is what quadruples an individual’s productivity. We are probably living in a one-of-a-kind era, the one that wants to improve and sustain human capital in every way to its maximal and it is only just that we, at St. Tropez Design, add a few productivity-enhancing hacks in our designs.

St. Tropez works most carefully and professionally with offices to provide timely landscaping services.

Our Vision
"The Details are not the details, they make the design"