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Three Delicious Sushi Dishes to Try in Dubai

Sushi comes from the Japanese words ‘sour rice’. Sushi now is used as a broad term to describe a part of the Japanese section. Japanese and sushi themed restaurants are getting a lot of attention from local people. Sushi Dubai restaurants are a lot more popular now.

Traditionally, sushi is a cold dish that includes balls or rolls of vinegar flavored rice with a side of raw seafood, vegetables. But nowadays, sushi is not limited to that simple formula. Sushi as a part of Japanese cuisine is a wonderful mixture of a variety of textures and flavors. So, it is obvious that there are many kinds of sushi that give you a different taste and texture than others on the list. On our top 3 most interesting dishes, we have the poke bowl, the chirashe and ceviche and they each bring their own flavors to the table.

Poke Bowl‚Äč

Poke Bowl

This dish has been getting more attention in recent years. The origin of the poke bowl is actually Hawaii. Like all other old recipes, this one has gone through changes since its creation to ending in the menu of Dubai sushi restaurant. It initially started with yellow tuna but now recipes add mushrooms, jalapeno, avocado, etc. Poke Bowl will stand out among other sushi because of its unique taste.


Chirashi means ‘scattered’ in Japanese. Chirashi is the kind of sushi dish which is in fact very easy to make and you can make it in your kitchen. It is the perfect recipe as it mixes the vegetables and raw fish so seamlessly. Although you can do it at home, you need to be very careful while making this. Now it is a complex dish to make but it started out as a way to use leftover ingredients instead of wasting them. However, this only adds to the flavors and colors of this wonderful sushi dish.



Ceviche is one of the most unique sushi dishes made. Interestingly, the origin of this dish is Latin America. The ceviche includes citrus fruits with raw fish. The ingredients that come in with a kick are the chili peppers and aji. This sushi dish is known for its unique citrus flavor and the side dishes that come with it. These dishes might be some salads, avocadoes, etc.

These were some of the most delicious dishes from the sushi part of the Japanese cuisine.